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Each project/client is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never really get the job done right. David, as the Owner of Ploss Creatieves and Little Walrus Productions, can deliver custom solutions, tailored to you--your desires, your culture, your one-of-a-kind project. David also has vast experience as an internet radio talk show host, which make his radio advertisements a unique, undeniable experience. Contact David today, to take a STRONG first step forward.

"The work was delivered quickly and sounds great. The communication was also excellent. Thanks a lot David, I look forward to working with you again!"

          -- Imm0rtal_reaper ( Buyer)

"I believe in a unique and customized experience for each and every client. This type of work requires experience and a bit of talent. The Best equipment in the world can't hide a poor talent" -David Ploss


Ploss Creatives offers a range of voice-over services, all designed to help you and your project/idea reach its full potential. Whether you're looking for a short radio advertisement, an "on hold" message or dialog for your business, or even a complete oration of your novel, speech, or brand identity, we have you covered. Consultations, Services, and Pricing are done on a case-by-case basis, so you can get precisely what you need.